Terms and conditions

Article 1: Registrations

Article 1.1 .: All registration for our camps is done via our site www.football2be.be (see general conditions of the site below). Registrations are recorded for a full week except in exceptional cases or in the event of public holidays (except All Saints' Day and Christmas where registrations for 2 days can be offered). In order to organize the week of the camp as well as possible, we close registrations on Saturdays at 5 p.m. the week preceding it. For any "last minute" registration, from the Monday preceding the camp, the association reserves the right not to provide the pack or gift initially provided for in the registration.

Article 1.2 .: All registration for our training sessions is done via our site www.football2be.be (see general conditions of the site below)

Article 2: Age

For each camp, a specific age group is authorized. Nevertheless, a tolerance of 6 months is accepted. We are likely to change group or activity a child who would not have the requested age to participate in the camp or who would not be able to follow the activity.

Article 3: Times and prices

Article 3.1. : The trainings take place from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (except public holidays). The prices of our different camps are communicated during registration. Prices include supervision of children, insurance, equipment, premises and any meals (+ snacks + drinks) as well as any transport depending on the activity chosen.

Article 3.2. : The trainings take place according to a predefined schedule and mentioned on the site www.football2be.be in the appropriate section. The prices of our different training packages are communicated during registration.

Article 3.3. : For "on-demand" training, the day and time are fixed between the association and one of the persons responsible for the player (example: a parent).

Article 4: Daycare

During the camps, a nursery is available from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with some exceptions. In the event of arrival after 5 p.m. in exceptional cases, we are forced to charge you a supplement of 10 euros per 1/4 hour started.

Article 5: payment

Payment (deposit or total amount) will be due at the time of registration. Possibility of paying the remainder due by transfer 7 days after online registration, with some exceptions. In the absence of payment of the sums due on the due date mentioned in the confirmation email, these will initially be increased by a flat rate of € 10 for the reminder costs. Reductions are possible but they do not have retroactive effects, they must be requested before the camp.

Article 6: Refund

In the event of prolonged illness or injury, a medical certificate is required to obtain reimbursement for the days of the camp in which the child was unable to participate. A sum of 20 euros per missed day will be refunded. The certificate must be submitted within one week from the 1st day of absence. The refund will be made at the latest within 4 weeks of receipt thereof

Article 7: Cancellations

Free of charge up to one week before the course. In case of cancellation of registration during the week preceding the course, a sum of 50 euros will be invoiced for costs. In the event of cancellation the week preceding the course with supporting medical certificate, no fees will be retained. For "Atletico de Madrid" courses: In the event of cancellation of registration during the week preceding the course, a sum of 100 euros will be invoiced for costs (the planned pack will nevertheless be sent to the unregistered player). In the event of cancellation the week preceding the course with supporting medical certificate, no fees will be retained. For specific training, no cancellation will be accepted without medical reason or valid reason.

Article 8: Insufficient registrations

If unfortunately, a camp does not meet enough registrations, we reserve the right to modify or delete it. You will be notified at the latest a few days in advance in order to offer you an alternative solution.

Article 9: Insurance

Insurance is included in the registration price (damage to glasses is not covered) for the camps or a training package.

Article 10: Loss and theft

The association cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or breakage (jewelry, watch, etc.). Forgotten items will be returned to the secretariat during the week following the course.

Article 11: Clothing and specific equipment

Article 11.1: During the camps, sports clothing or clothing adapted to the chosen activities is to be expected (see details in the description email of the course sent during registration). Jewelry / watches or other items should be removed before the activity to avoid injury or breakage.

Article 11.2. : During training, appropriate clothing is required so that the session goes smoothly.

Article 12: Meals

During the camps, and depending on the week, snacks and meals are provided by the organization. Otherwise, parents are asked to provide a picnic for noon and sufficient snacks (+ drinks) (plan a little more than usual because the children spend a lot of energy).

Article 13: Exit

We require written permission from parents if the child comes home alone or with a third party after the activity.

Article 14: Children with special needs

If your child requires special attention or has specific needs (linked to a motor / mental handicap, psychomotor retardation or other), it is imperative to contact us beforehand to see how to welcome your child in the best conditions.

Article 15: Photographs and videographies

During the activities, photos of the children can be taken and possibly used in our means of communication (facebook, instagram, ...). By registering for one of the camps, you agree to the publication of these photos. If you do not agree, please notify us in writing as soon as possible.

Article 16: Data processing

F2B Youth Academy asbl attaches great importance to the protection of the privacy and data of the users of its applications and websites and thus ensures that a confidentiality policy is adopted and rigorously complied with the regulations in force (find the “GDPR statement” in the “Regulations” section on the site www.football2be.be).